Cars carried with care

Cars offer the most convenient way to get from A to B within a city; but moving a car from city to city is anything but convenient. To help you overcome this, Packers Directory provides a comprehensive list of reliable car movers and packers. The companies listed on Packers Directory ensure swift, safe and convenient transfers of any vehicles from your door to your intended destination, on time and in as fine a condition as when it was picked up. The agencies also handle related issues, such as Insurance, Customs Clearance, etc. Your car’s safety is our primary concern. Each vehicle is packed to safeguard against damage, and transported by special vehicles, like covered car trailers, or containerized trucks, across India and worldwide. Vehicles being transported by train are carried in fully enclosed rail cars with sophisticated tie-down systems to secure the ride and protect the vehicle from scratches and accidental damage.

Household relocations made easy

Moving home needn’t be a stressful event. Packers Directory provides the resources you need to make the move simple and stress-free. From expensive and delicate items like electronics, paintings, furniture, glassware to bulky, heavy furniture, and white goods, every one of your precious possessions is packed and delivered to your new home. Packers Directory brings technology, equipment and expertise to get the job done, smoothly and cost-effectively. Thousands of families each month trust Packers Directory service providers to move their precious possessions; you can too. They say a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. Take that all important first step; contact us to get a free quote.

The official guide to office relocations

Moving your business to new premises can be a taxing proposition. In addition to heavy and bulky furniture and high-tech electronics, you also have the task of moving sensitive documents. Packers Directory can help you make the move quickly and economically. We offer an exhaustive list of reliable movers and packers specializing in office relocations to any destination in India.

Our providers also offer special programs for Office Relocation, Corporate Relocation and Industrial Relocation. Take advantage of our hassle free, affordable office relocation services; contact us today.

Make a strategic move, with our international packers and movers

International relocations make domestic moves seem simple! Not only does one have to handle the hassle of packing and moving one’s goods; you also have cargo, customs and clearing to contend with. But there is an easy option: Packers Directory.
Providers listed on Packers and Movers offer reliable, authentic and cost effective international packing and moving services. Our service providers have technology, resources and experience in moving goods globally to any nook and corner of the world on time at cost effective rates. Our international packers and movers are equally conversant with moves via air and sea freight.

Our International Packing Moving Services include:
  • Relocation services
  • Shipping of goods from the nearest port
  • Freight forwarding
  • Air cargo
  • Air parcel delivery
  • Cargo moving
  • Import and export services by air and sea
  • Visa clearance
  • Customs clearance services
  • and various other international relocation related services